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Luxury Boutique Hotel
Calangute, Goa

Our all suite small luxury boutique hotel in Goa, India, welcomes you to a quaint, charming world of your own, a distant paradise. The pool is the focal point soothing and refreshing and the sound of running water is a tranquility that is beguilingly addictive. Conceived as an adult-experience, the suites, around the pool, are endowed with different motifs - the Sea, the Fields, the Mountains, the Castle and the Garden for your enjoyment.

Pousada Tauma LobbyThe best luxury hotel hideaway in Goa for romance or a honeymoon, the Pousada Tauma, awaits you for an escape that will soothe and refresh your spirit offering a relaxing and intimate atmosphere in our suites all with patios. Enjoy fine dining at the Copper Bowl restraurant or the casual inviting atmosphere at the Pousada Beach sea front restaurant. The hotel, is more private villa than resort located in Calangute, Goa, India.

Pousada Tauma Pool AreaSuitable for the lovers of tranquillity our pool is located just a few steps from your luxurious suite and is the ideal place for calmness and rest. Plus the pool's waterfall, provides a soothing, refreshing sound of running water and the pool bar is ideal haven for relaxation. This is one of the best small luxury hotels in the area where you will find a tranquility that is beguilingly addictive.

Pousada Tauma Suite OutsideConceived as an adults only resort experience and scattered around the pool are luxury suites with different themes: the Sea Suites , the Field Suites , the Mountain Suites , the Castle Suite , and the Garden Suite that give one the very romantic feel and aroma of a honeymoon hideaway holiday . At the Pousada Tauma, each suite has its also has its own private dining area, bedroom with a dressing table, wardrobe and a patio with a private, detached garden or terrace, telephones for local and long-distance, television with satellite channels, and a minibar.


Ayurvedic Ayurvedic Treatments: For any inquiries regarding Ayurvedic treatments and services please email us.

Copper Bowl and Sea Front Beach Restaurants

Copper Bowl Restaurant featuring Goan cuisineAn Ayurvedic diet cuisine is available on request, it would be a pity to eat boiled vegetables when you could be feasting in the Copper Bowl Restaurant featuring Goan cuisine of lobster masala, perfect prawn balchao, incomparable chicken xacuti; choicest tiger prawns and finest squid in chili, or outstanding bebinca cake, made with layers of coconut milk and egg yolk, flambéed in fenni.

Pousada By The Beach Sea Front Restaurant Pousada By The Beach Restaurant , though modest, is a little slice of paradise and an ideal place on the Arabian Sea to enjoy a costal meal or snack on their private patio or just right for frolicking and sunbathing on the beach. Incredible Arabian Sea sunsets are synonymous with Pousada By The Beach's tranquil surf and sand. This is the beach where you leave your troubles behind and get away from the world.

Eco-friendly Constuction

Pousada T auma Goan luxury boutique hotelWe are the only hotel that is built on the lines of a natural, traditional architecture concept using exposed masonry. Eco-friendly, it uses laterite stones liberally, hence the luxuriant glow. The twittering of birds and a variety of flora and fauna enhance this other-world charm that makes your stay a tryst with nature and a solace for the soul.

Publication and Individual Reviews

For your Goa India holiday or honeymoon vacation, read our reviews by individuals and publication reviews.There are direct flights from major Indian cities, U.K., Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Scandinavia for you to visit, and stay at the best luxury boutique resort in Calangute. Also consider one or more of our Ayurvedic therapies, including massage, herbal remedies or one of our Ayurvedic packages, that include Dhara, Dhara & Pizhichil, Navarakizhi, Podikizhi, Udvartana, and Matravasti treatments.

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