Navarakizhii  in Goa, India
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Navarakizhi Ayurveda
Goa, India

The Pousada Tauma in Goa, India is a place where vacations are more than just sun and sea and sand. Here you can rejuvenation of your mind and body as well. We have closed the Ayurveda center and hence we do not offer any services related to the Ayurvedic treatments ,but there are centers in the close proximity which can be used. We can provide the diet food prescribe to you by the doctor.

NAVARAKIZHI - 14 days (7 days + 7 days rest)
This a a process by which the whole body or specific parts are made to sweat by the application of certain medicinal puddings made of rice, etc tied up as poultices in a muslin cloth.The therapeutic measure is so named because of the fat that poultices of cooked navara rice are used in the process.

Navarakizhi is usually done on all skeletal and muscular diseases, paralysis, sciatica, etc and as an after treatment of Pizhichil. This helps to improve the general health also. To begin with, medicated oil prescribed by the physician is smeared on the head and body of the patient.The patient is thereafter made to lie on the board. Boluses of navara rice cooked in medicated decoction are soaked for a few minutes in warm medicated decoction and milk and attendants gently massage the body with the rice bags.

Navarakizhi over, the rice paste sticking on to the body is removed and warm medicated oil is once again applied on the body. After a few minutes massage of the body, the patient is given a bath in moderately warm water.


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