Pizhichili  in Goa, India
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Pizhichil Massage
Goa, India

The Pousada Tauma in Goa, India is a place where vacations are more than just sun and sea and sand. Here you can rejuvenation of your mind and body as well. We have closed the Ayurveda center and hence we do not offer any services related to the Ayurvedic treatments ,but there are centers in the close proximity which can be used. We can provide the diet food prescribe to you by the doctor.

Pizhichil means squeezing. Pizhichil is the process where cotton cloth pieces are dipped in warm medicated oil and squeezed onto the patients body. Here the patient is smeared with appropriate medicated oils on the body and head. Like Abhyangam, Pizhichil is also done with patient in seven positions. This process maybe followed by a bath using warm water for the body and lukewarm water for the head.

Pizhichil - 14 Days & 14 Days Rest
This treatment is effective in all kinds of skeletal and muscular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbago, sciatica, hemiplegia, neuropathy, etc.

The patient is allowed to sit on the wooden board and the prescribed medicated oil is applied on his head and body. A piece of clean cloth is then tied around his head across the forehead to prevent oil dripping to the eyes.

Warm medicated oil is poured on the body by dipping pieces of clean cloth in the oil and squeezing them over the body. The duration of the treatment varies according to the condition of the patient.

The body is massaged lightly and the oil over the body is removed by wiping with a dry towel or giving a bath in warm water.

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