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Sirolepa Ayurveda
Goa, India

The Pousada Tauma in Goa, India is a place where vacations are more than just sun and sea and sand. Here you can rejuvenation of your mind and body as well. We have closed the Ayurveda center and hence we do not offer any services related to the Ayurvedic treatments ,but there are centers in the close proximity which can be used. We can provide the diet food prescribe to you by the doctor.

Sirolepa - 14 Days ( 7 + 7 Days Rest)
This is a technique consisting of the application of pastes of medicinal herbs on the head. Precarp of the fruits of gooseberry cooked in butter milk is commonly used. After applying oil on the head and body, the finely ground paste is put on the head and the area is covered with green plantain leaf.

After one/one and a half hour, the paste is removed and the oil is wiped off. The patient is then given a bath in warm water, after smearing head and body with appropriate medicated oil. Sirolepa improved vision, cures headaches, insomnia.

In addition to the major treatments described above, all Panchakama treatments, Banana, Virechana, Snehavsti, Kashayavasti and Nasyams are conducted here along with Snehapanam and Swedanam.

During all the above treatments, the patient has to take complete bed rest and internal medicines are also given with restrictions in food. During rest periods also the patient is given oil massage and internal and external medicines and also advised to take complete rest and follow diet restrictions. For FITS and GITS, one or two days treatments are available.


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