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Goa, India

The Pousada Tauma in Goa, India is a place where vacations are more than just sun and sea and sand. Here you can rejuvenation of your mind and body as well. We have closed the Ayurveda Center and hence we do not offer any services related to the Ayurvedic treatments, but there are centers in the close proximity which can be used. We can provide the diet food prescribe to you by the doctor.

Ayurvedic treatments are designed to maintain or improve health throughthe use of dietary modification, massage, yoga, and herbal preparations. With us,visitors can experience a holiday in Goa and can take up special Ayurvedic packages astreatment for the cure of various ailments.

Ayurvedic Medicine - or Ayurveda (often translated as the 'science of life') Practiced in India for more than 5,000 years, Ayurvedic tradition holds that illness is a state of imbalance among the body's systems (physical, emotional, energetic,and spiritual) that can be detected through such diagnostic procedures as reading the pulse and observing the tongue.

The system incorporates the concept of Prana or 'life force energy'similar to the Chinese concept of chi. It includes 7 major chakras (energy centers); Root, Navel, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, & Crown and 72,000 nadis (energy channels) of which there are three major channels; Sushumma (carries Kundalini energy up the spine), Pingala, & Ida (which carry solar and lunar energy respectively in aspiral around the Sushumma and chakras).

The practitioner uses the concept of a basic constitution or dosha for each individual, which may include aspects of Kapha (earth), Pitta (fire), or Vatta (air)and may be influenced by heat, cold, dryness or dampness. Nutrition counseling, Ayurvedic Massage, natural medications, meditation and other methods are used to address a broad spectrum body issues.

These herbal and dietary practices are thought to be necessary for good health in Ayurveda because they are believed to have the power to restore harmony andbalance to mind, body, and spirit. At the Pousada Tauma in Goa, this unique health care system is administered under the utmost care of well trained physicians and masseurs.

Various forms of traditional treatments including massage, Dhara, Elakizhi, Gandoosham, Matravasti, Nasyam, Navarakizhi, Pizhichil, Podikizhi, Sirolepa, Sirovasti, and Udvartanam. Some of these programmes need to be under controlled environment with many instructions to be followed especially under the supervision of avery senior Goa physician.

In 1970, the Indian Medical Central Council Act was passedby the Parliament of India, which aims to standardize qualifications for Ayurveda and provide accredited institutions for its study and research. In India, over 100 colleges offer degrees in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

The Indian government supports research and teaching in Ayurveda through many channels—both at the national and state level and helps institutionalize traditional medicine so that it can be studied in major towns and cities.

The state-sponsored Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (CCRAS) is the apex institution for promotion of traditional medicine in India. The studies conducted by this institution encompass clinical, drug, literary, and family welfare research.

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