Review Pousada Tauma Luxury Boutique Hotel, Beach House and Ayurveda Spa Resort.

Review Pousada Tauma
The Pousada Tauma - A Stylish And Beautiful Boutique Hotel

Goa Hotel Resort Review - The Pousada Tauma - A Stylish And Beautiful Boutique Hotel - Pousada Tauma luxury boutique hotel, beach villa house and Ayurveda spa resort.

Rating: Five Star

My husband and I stayed at the Pousada Tauma for four nights at the end of December '08. The hotel was gorgeous.

You walk through lush gardens to a beautiful pool around which 12 or so suites are situated. It was a very peaceful and beautiful place to stay. We stayed at a suite on the ground level that was huge

India is an incredible country but it can get slightly overwhelming at times with so many people, the dirt, etc. But, somehow as soon as you walk onto the hotel grounds, you feel very mellow and happy.

Everything was very clean, the service was excellent, and the food (traditional goan) was delicious. Literally, anything we needed-internet access, sunscreen, a private car etc-we had access to.

The owner and his staff gave us great recommendations for beaches, day trips, restaurants, and shopping that were very hip and memorable. We would definitely go back to this hotel!
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