Review Pousada Tauma Luxury Boutique Hotel, Beach House and Ayurveda Spa Resort.

Review Pousada Tauma
Nirvana In Goa

Goa Hotel Resort Review - Nirvana In Goa - Pousada Tauma luxury boutique hotel, beach villa house and Ayurveda spa resort.

Rating: Five Star

After 5 weeks touring India we spent our last 2 days at the Pousada Tauma.

Imediately upon entering through the gate we could tell that this place had been designed with imagination and care.

The weaver nests which held the evening lights in the trees, the conch shells arranged down the corners of the stairs the watterfall in the swimming pool, the back garden with koi; all this and more made the visual sensation a fantastic experience.

The staff were very helpful not only within the grounds but also in suggesting where to go to enjoy Goa's beaches at their finest.

We highly recommend pousada tauma for a magical stay in Goa. Guaranteed when you arrive you will wish you had allowed more time here!
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Date: 12-Jan-2009 -