Review Pousada Tauma Luxury Boutique Hotel, Beach House and Ayurveda Spa Resort.

Review Pousada Tauma
An Oasis Of Peace, Relaxation And Great Food

Goa Hotel Resort Review - An Oasis Of Peace, Relaxation And Great Food - Pousada Tauma luxury boutique hotel, beach villa house and Ayurveda spa resort.

Rating: Four Star

My husband and I spent 4 fabulously relaxing days in crazy/busy Calangute at the Posada Tauma being pampered by noble Neville & his charming staff (sweet Matthew, shy Rocky, quiet Alvin, smiley chef and the rest of the gang) at the tail end of a packed 3-week trip to India.

We had chosen the location for its small size and rustic chic look and feel, and we were not disappointed to find beautiful brick cottages amid lush gardens that surround a nice and welcoming swimming pool where we spent many a soothing hour.

One of the highlights was the delicious food. Andrew the chef and his team did a fantastic job, and in the 4 days we ate there, we didn't have one single plate that was sub par. The suites are nice, spacious and unique, and we felt perfectly at home. There were only two things we wish had been different: enough hot water to enjoy our big tub and some of the nice ayurvedic shampoos/conditioners/lotions we found in so many other hotels (big and small) throughout India.

Before we went there, we found the Pousada's price to be quite steep, but the very attentive service, fabulous food and incredible surroundings made it seem worthwhile (yes, you pay a lot, but the experience will make it seem like you're paying a bit less).

If you're looking for a unique and friendly experience rather than a standardized hotel/resort with typical amenities, this is certainly your place. Deo bore kurum, Neville & co!
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Date: 20-Dec-2008 -