Review Pousada Tauma Luxury Boutique Hotel, Beach House and Ayurveda Spa Resort.

Review Pousada Tauma
Tooo Expencive

Goa Hotel Resort Review - Tooo Expencive - Pousada Tauma luxury boutique hotel, beach villa house and Ayurveda spa resort.

Rating: Three Star

Well, overall the experience was average.

The staff Mathew etc. were good, but end of the day that's not the only thing you paying for, although the property with just about 12 so called suites is different but definitely not worth a 300 pounds a night.

What put me off is despite shelling out a decent amount there were frogs in the pool which i was told are pets? Yuck...!!

Rooms were basic although clean. Hotels of the same decore ambience were asking for half the price.

Dear ownwer please slash the prices before competition slashes you.
Place of Residence: Mumbai
Date: 25-Mar-2008 -