Review Pousada Tauma Luxury Boutique Hotel, Beach House and Ayurveda Spa Resort.

Review Pousada Tauma
Indeed A Paradise

Goa Hotel Resort Review - Indeed A Paradise - Pousada Tauma luxury boutique hotel, beach villa house and Ayurveda spa resort.

Rating: Five Star

This was my first visit to this place and it turned out to be probably my best visits to Goa. Pausada Tauma is a 12 suite boutique hotel with the most friendly people, the most serene surroundings, the best food and the most wonderful architecture.

I had gone there with my husband and friends and we absolutely enjoyed it, so much that we almost always were within the property.

What I loved about this place the most was that they let you be. This place understands the meaning of holiday in a true sense. You get up when you want, have breakfast when you want and where you want, do whatever you want and that too in the pace you want, no restriction of any kind.

Everyone at that place had a sweet smile on their face and we were never told "No" for anything. They all did their best to make us feel special and welcomed, from the time we entered till the time we checked out. Its a place where you would be pampered to the core.

I have stayed in other properties in Goa but by far this was my best and the most memorable experience. I dont think this place requires any ratings cos I feel its beyond all that. I would love to go back and stay there.
Place of Residence: Mumbai
Date: 27-Feb-2009 -